Production of pendants and metal plates for clothing

Production of pendants and metal plates for clothing managing a large collection with quality products: plates, key rings, eyelets, tubes all made in Italy.

RIL-METAL produces metal pendants and plates for clothing of all types with 1, 2, 3 or 4 holes, which allow it to address all types of manufacturers in the fashion world for the clothing industry, shoes, bags, belts, jeans, beachwear

RIL-METAL pendants and plates are produced in the most varied shapes possible, in addition to the classic round we match every geometric shape and irregular shapes.
The versions proposed vary from military to vintage, from simple and clean to worked and baroque and lend themselves very well to incorporating your personalization.
The use of matched materials such as rhinestones, polyester, plastic, in addition to the use of laser processing, brushing, satin finishing, digital printing, glazes, diamond cutting make it possible to make the product unique, refined and precious.

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